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FAA Partial Report Points to Various Dangers Regarding Possible Airport Development




Airport News
May 12 Aviator Heights Public Hearing

    June 7, 2014
     My View

     by Dixie A. Walter: ENN has transcribed the lengthy audio of the Aviator Heights proposed development at the Eatonville airport, Swanson Field. Read the transcription here.
    The transcription is very long so I would suggest getting a cup of coffee, tea, sugary drink and take your time reading the
page. This affects everyone, not only people who live on or near the airport.
    The proposed development includes 23 high end houses, cyclone fencing, three gates and a kid's park. It would be on property once owned by Jerry Nybo who went bankrupt. He, along with the past administration and some staff, did not follow the original development which the council at the time gave the okay.
    Safety is a huge issue with this proposed development. A light plane crashed into the yard of the Burlingame home which is not built on the runway, or even that close to it. I mentioned the crash during the public hearing but no one else did.
    After the hearing Sharon Burlingame thanked me for commenting on the plane which ended up inches from her front door. She said, "Imagine what would have happened if children had been playing in the yard." Excellent point that needs serious consideration.
    The council and developer are now waiting for a report from the Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) regarding this proposal. To date every expert has spoken against the plane. These include WSDOT Aviation Planner, Carter Timmerman and John Collins Airport Owners and Pilots Association Manager.
     See their letters
WSDOT and Here.


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