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"Any committee that is the slightest use is composed of people who are too busy to want to sit on it for a second longer than they have to."

~Katharine Whitehorn





2017 Council Committees...


Permanent Committees

     Airport Committee

    Councilmember Bob Thomas - Chair             253.678.6877

     Councilmember Bob Walter                           253.988.0904


     Public Safety Committee

    Councilmember Jim Shrimpsher - Chair       253.606.5821

     Councilmember Bill Dunn                             253.350.4997


    Finance Committee

   Councilmember Jim Shrimpsher - Chair       253.606.5821

   Councilmember Jennie Hannah                     253.348.3222


    Public Utilities Committee

    Councilmember Jennie Hannah - Chair         253.348.3222

    Councilmember Bob Thomas                         253.678.6877


   Parks/Cemetery Committee

   Councilmember Bob Walter - Chair              253.988.0904

   Councilmember Jennie Hannah                    253.606.3547


   Ad Hoc Committee

   Councilmember Jennie Hannah - Chair        253.348.3222
Councilmember Bill Dunn                            253.350.4997


Council Terms

    Mayor                          Mike Schaub                            12/31/2017

   Council Position 1.       Jennie Hannah                         12/31/2017

   Council Position 2.       Bob Walter                               12/31/2017

   Council Position 3.       Bob Thomas                             12/31/2019

   Council Position 4.       Bill Dunn                                  12/31/2017

   Council Position 5.       Jim Shrimpsher                        12/31/2019    


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