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Let the Games Begin!
EYSA Soccer Sign-up
Photos by Bob Walter



       EYSA board member Cory Van Buskirk works the soccer season registration table on the Eatonville High School track Saturday morning.


Soccer Sign-up Stalled For a Week...


      by Bob Walter
      September 16, 2007



      Let the games begin. The Eatonville Youth Sports Association (EYSA) soccer sign-ups took place on schedule at the high school Saturday morning, September 15, after last week's cancellation and a one-week delay that included a contentious town council meeting last Monday, Sept. 10.
    At that meeting, EYSA officials, parents and kids came out in force to voice their disappointment, and disapproval, with all of the council, except Councilmember Bobbi Allison, and some town administrators, for their hardline stance on the legislated ban of portable storage containers within town limits. Allison was the only elected official to vote against Ordinance 2006-8.
     Unless a solution could be reached allowing them to continue, at least temporarily, to store their athletic equipment in the containers as they have done for years, EYSA volunteers would have great difficulty storing and transporting the equipment to the games and practices. The entire program, serving as many as 900 children, was in jeopardy. They asked that the athletic containers be "grandfathered in."
    A compromise was reached giving the association time to come up with a plan. One option was to build permanent storage sheds during the renovation of Eatonville High School, which is about to commence. As it is, the sign-up precedes the first day of games by only one week. "We had to speed things up a bit," said EYSA board member Cory Van Buskirk, who is in charge of the project to build the sheds. "We're looking for help with materials, construction and donations."
    Kevin Anderson, a newcomer to the area and a builder, was ready to help. "I've got an excavator and a dump truck," he said, as he arrived to register his daughter, Serenity, for the soccer league.
    Callie Silcox, 6, was ready, too. "It's my first year," she said, hoisting a bag full of soccer balls. As her older brother Casey checked the contents of the equipment bag, their dad Cory exclaimed, "Let the season begin!"

Kids Looking Forward to Soccer... 


     Connie Miller, a senior at EHS, and an EYSA student board member, helps sign up players along with Cory Van Buskirk, while new registrant Callie Silcox, 6, stands by with a bag of balls.


Bags of Soccer Balls and Uniforms...



     Near the sign-up table, a large number of equipment bags were assembled. Some of the children, who couldn't wait any longer to begin playing soccer, pulled out a few of the balls and were out on the field practicing their kicks with their parents. This is some of the equipment stored in the controversial containers on school property.

  Developing Story...

EYSA Board Votes to Reopen Soccer Sign-Up Saturday, September 15...

      by Dixie A. Walter
      September 11, 2007

      After a no-holds-barred, two-hour council meeting, Monday, September 10, EYSA (Eatonville Youth Sports Association) board of directors voted, Tuesday evening, to resume the soccer sign-up which was halted last Saturday. Letters will be sent to "the kids" after approval by Superintendent Ray Arment.
     The soccer sign-up will be held the the same place, same time, as was scheduled last Saturday, September 9, at the High school parking lot, beginning at 9 a.m.
      EYSA board cancelled the soccer sign-up last Saturday due to a letter from Superintendent Ray Arment which said, in part, "Members of the Town government unequivocally stated that the presence of the containers could represent an impediment to future permits for school modernization."  
      For more information about this issue please see below. 

EYSA Has Disappointing News for Families at Planned Soccer Sign-up...

                                                                                                                        (photo by Bob Walter)

     by Bob Walter
     September 9, 2007

   Parents and their children who showed up at the high school Saturday morning to sign up for the upcoming Eatonville Youth Sports Association (EYSA) soccer season heard the disappointing news that the sign-up was temporarily suspended. At issue were the Association's athletic equipment storage containers at the high school's baseball field. Organizers handed out copies of a letter, dated August 30, 2007, from Eatonville Schools superintendent Ray Arment to EYSA's board of directors. 
   The letter described the town government's claim that "the presence of the containers could represent an impediment to future permits for school modernization," and thus must be removed. EYSA, which provides organized youth soccer, basketball and baseball leagues benefiting nearly 1,000 children, relies upon the containers to store equipment, at the site of the games, which would be extremely difficult to transport to each game. 
   One volunteer also pointed out that in conjunction with organized sports in Eatonville, participants generate revenue for many restaurants and other local businesses. A mother and her child walked up to one of the EYSA volunteers and asked, "Who do we give our money too?" She was asked to read a copy of Arment's letter first. Parents were also being urged to attend the upcoming town council meeting Monday evening, September 10 at 7 pm, to express their views.
    To read Superintendent Arment's letter please see
EYSA Letter

Kid's Sports in Jeopardy?

(photo by Bob Walter)

     Would-be soccer players gaze out at the high school field as their parents and EYSA volunteers discuss the problem of what to do about the season being in jeopardy, due to an ordinance, recommended by the planning commission and passed by the Eatonville Town Council in August of 2006, prohibiting the league's portable storage containers on school property. 

EYSA Suspends Sports

According to Eatonville Youth Sports Association (EYSA) Board, Town is Pushing School to Move Sports Equipment Containers...

(photo by Bob Walter July 2006)


      The following caption is from ENN, July 2006, before Resolution 2006-8, the ban on containers,  was voted in by the council. Councilmember Bobbi Allison was the only elected official to vote against banning the schools containers. 
      "A large part of the council meeting Monday, July 24, 2006 concerned the proposed ban of cargo containers, such as those seen here, painted Cruiser blue, with the Cruiser logo, EC, behind the high school track.  
     "Last August (2005), then appointed, mayor Bruce Rath complained to the district about the containers, and requested they be removed. According to town planner Nick Bond, the proposed ordinance, "has been in the works since then." 
     "The ban, if passed, would prohibit any cargo containers within the town limits except those being used for hauling freight.  The school district would be required to remove the two containers at right, plus two others at the baseball field behind Eatonville Elementary. The wooden shed at left would of course remain legal. One other cargo container is on Ski Park Road."


EYSA Board Letter Explains Hardship by Town's Actions...


     by Dixie A. Walter
     September 5, 2007

    The letter below from the EYSA board is also on the groups new Web site. The letter states how parents and kids affected by banning cargo containers pleaded with the town council to allow the school to keep the containers because all the EYSA sports equipment is stored in them.
     During a public hearing last summer, Rick Smith, an EYSA volunteer stated a ban would "affect nine hundred Eatonville youth, and would jeopardize grants for scholarships for the kids." 
     To read background about the resolution and citizen concerns please see
Cargo Container  
     To visit the new EYSA Web site please see

EYSA Board Sports Announcement...

        September 4, 2007

       EYSA regrets to inform you that effective immediately all EYSA sports are being suspended. This suspension is the result of a demand to remove equipment containers on the Eatonville School District property out of the Eatonville city limits. These containers hold all of the equipment for our sports programs. The demand was not the wishes of the Eatonville School district but was required by the Town of Eatonville in order for the school district to be approved for any future renovation permits. The Eatonville School District has been a committed supporter for Eatonville Youth Sports Association and regrets that it has come to the removal of our containers at no fault of the school district.  
      The Town Council ordinance regarding containers is what is causing this suspension. EYSA did attempt to prohibit the passing of the ordinance through petitions and attendance of Town Council meetings.  Our concerns were rejected by most town council members and were passed without consideration of a grandfather clause. At this meeting one council member did bring it to the attention of the other town council members that the lack of a grandfather clause may be illegal. The motion was passed at this meeting regardless of her information and without future investigation. 
     EYSA is asking for community support to get the container issue resolved with the town. Your best means of support would be to attend an Eatonville Town Council meeting or contact Eatonville Town Hall for clarification on the harm caused by two sports containers located behind the high school boys hardball field.  
     We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our local youth and their ability to participate in local sports. We hope with your support we are able to resolve this situation with the Eatonville Town Council and provide sports in the future for our local youth.   
     We ask that all parents and students continue to show their appreciation to the Eatonville School District for their constant support of our program, and remember this was not their doing but instead the doing of our elected town council members.                                                                      

     Our Sincerest Apologies,
     The EYSA Board   

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