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 Dr. Gordy Klatt - Father of Relay For Life Died August 4, 2014 at Age 71

      August 17, 2014

      It is with heartfelt sadness and a deep sorrow that I share with you the passing of Dr. Gordy Klatt. He was a visionary and living proof that one man or woman can make a difference, and change the course of the world. To Relayers, Dr. Klatt was known as the Father of Relay; to so many others he was also an amazing doctor saving lives of many and a devoted  family man.
     Dr. Klatt leaves behind family, friends, and an insurmountable legacy filled with people who share his passion for finding a cure for cancer. He was once quoted as saying that his grandchildren will one day  live in a world without cancer. For him, I personally will Relay Strong so that this dream will become a reality.
     In this time of grief I do ask you as your staff partner to not only respect the family's privacy but to also keep his family in your
hearts as I know you will.
     Rest in peace Dr. Klatt, your sun may have set but your memory and legacy will shine on forever.

    Rhonda Kirkes -
    Eatonville's Relay Staff Partner

    There will be a Celebration of his remarkable life Sunday August, 24, at 1:30 p.m. at Mt Tahoma  High School Stadium.

     (Publisher's Note: Dr. Klatt was scheduled to speak at Eatonville's Relay last month but was too ill to make the trip. His friend Dr. Ronald Goldberg - See Relay 2014 Photos and a short history of Relay Here. Dr. Klatt gave those who were hit with a cancer diagnosis, and their families/friends, that most important of strengths - Hope. R.I.P. Dr. Klatt, you earned it.)

Dr. Klatt's Work Lives On...

Fundraiser to Fight Cancer
 this Saturday, August 23 at
Mill Pond Park...


Mount Rainier Fires Drenched by Rain...

       from Patti Wold

      Thursday, August 14, 2014—The Shadow Lake fire, ignited by lightning the night of August 11, was drenched by heavy rainfall from a subsequent storm the following evening. The storm poured 1.7 inches of rain on the half-acre fire leaving the perimeter cold. Firefights were pulled off the fire midway through the storm due to lightning danger and heavy rainfall. The fire is now in patrol status to monitor warm spots on the interior of the burned area.
      While located in the backcountry, the fire was on the far edge of the Sunrise developed area. Due to dry conditions, stretched resources, and the unavailability of a Wildland Fire Use Module*, park management made the decision to suppress the fire. Mother Nature took her own action and extinguished the fire with a downpour.
     The section of the Wonderland Trail closed to the fire is reopened.
      Within three hours of the initial report of smoke from the Scarface West Fire, located near Grand Park, the area received almost two inches of rain. No smoke has been reported since.
      * The primary mission of a WFM is to provide an innovative, safe, highly mobile, logistically independent, and versatile fire module with a primary commitment to maintain fire’s role as a natural ecological process for wildland fire management and incident operations.

Lightning Sparks Fires on Mount Rainier...

     from Patti Wold

    Tuesday, August 12, 2014—Two lightning fires ignited overnight are burning in Mount Rainier National Park’s backcountry. The Shadow Lake fire is located near Sunrise and the Scarface West Fire near Grand Park. At this time no structures are threatened.
   The Shadow Lake fire is a half-acre in size including several small spot fires. A fire crew is actively suppressing the fire. The Wonderland Trail between White River Campground and Sunrise is closed as a safety precaution. An alternate route is recommended via Glacier Basin and Second Burroughs. Sunrise Camp, White River Campground, and Sunrise remain open.
   The Scarface West Fire is approximately one tenth of an ace in size. The park is currently monitoring this fire which was discovered by a Puget Sound Incident Coordination Center initiated fire patrol flight. There are no closures in place in the vicinity of this fire.
   Resources assigned to the fires include a helitack crew and a park fire crew.


Catch up on Your Town Council's Actions Here
Reports from July 14, July 28 and
Special Meeting August 4

 Airport Development Update:

WSDOT Comments to FAA's Partial Report on Proposed Airport Housing Development
"Proposed Development will Pose Significant Risk to Airport Safety"

     August 09, 2014 - In a comment letter, dated August 7, to the Federal Aviation Administration's partial report regarding the proposal to build a 23 house, fenced and gated development at Swanson Field in Eatonville Carter Timmerman made the above quoted statement.
     Among his other observations is, "WSDOT Aviation has concluded that this development could impair the ability of the Swanson Field to operate as an essential public facility and recommends that every effort be made to discourage airspace obstructions, which impair the ability of the airport to operate safely."
See Entire WSDOT Letter.
     Carter Timmerman, Aviation Planner for WSDOT Aviation, has discussed his deep concerns about developing the airport with the town council at a public hearing. In additions Timmerman wrote a letter to the town spelling out his concerns - see this letter
BWSDOT Letter of May 7, 2014.

     Earlier Letters  from FAA (February 24, 2014), and Airport Owners and Pilots Association - AOPA (February 21, 2014). See also May 9, 2014 AOPA letter from John L. Collins with that groups concerns - AOPA.

    Federal Aviation Administration's partial report points to dangers of proposed development - see report of July 7, 2014 FAA Report.

New Business in Eatonville
Story and Photos by Bob Walter...

     August 10, 2014: Eatonville’s newest business, BFB Vapor Shop, has opened its doors downtown. The shop is just off Mashell Avenue North in the former Eatonville Dance Center building. The owner, Ryan Eaton, invites the public to stop by on Saturday, August 16, from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. (which are the regular store hours) for a grand opening celebration.
     For the grand opening there’ll be barbecued burgers and dogs, giveaways and discounts. Eaton has outfitted the spacious, sunny shop with Wi-Fi, a wide screen and two overstuffed couches. He encourages people to come in and relax, saying the shop is sort of like an internet vape café. He had his vaporizer shop in the Graham area, when the building owner decided to sell and he had to find a new location - thus, the move to Eatonville where a suitable space was available.
     Vaporizers, or electronic cigarettes as they’re often called, don’t necessarily have to carry and deliver nicotine. Eaton has seemingly hundreds of flavors of e-juices (Caution: These are not to drink, but to refill the vaporizer!), in about five different ranges of nicotine strength, from 0mg to 24mg. While the growing industry has its detractors, longtime smokers who struggle to kick the habit have found the vaporizer to be an effective way to eliminate the tars and additives of cigarette smoke, and gain improved lung function, by vaping.
      BFB Vapor Shop has its own Facebook page where you'll find offers on freebies for referrals and discounts for likes and shares -
(10) BFBvapor.com

 BFB Vapor Shop Owner Ryan Eaton chats with a customer last weekend.

 Part of BFB's wares in the new shop. (BFB stands for Big Fat Bastard - Ryan must be a fan of Austin Powers movies!)


August 7, 2014 - County Wide Burn Ban Since July 11 Still in Effect, for More Information Please See


Preliminary Council Agenda
 Monday, August 11, 2014
Light Agenda So Far - Second Reading of Sign Ordinance
Details Here
See Recent Council Actions and Reports at Same Link


Special Council Meeting Result
 Monday, August 4, 2014
Community Center 6:15 p.m.
Only Business Listed Can be Acted On During Special Meetings

    (Ordinance 2014-8 passed unanimously - Councilmember Brenden Pierce was absent.  When Councilmember Bob Walter asked how much it would cost to put this issue on the ballot Mayor Mike Schaub said, "I think from past experience it will cost us about $5,000 to get it on the ballot." More about this meeting soon.)

      New Business:

   A. Ordinance 2014-8 - Relating to regular property taxes; providing for the submission a proposition authorizing an increase in the regular property tax levy in excess of the increase otherwise allowed...to fund public safety operating costs...requesting that the auditor place the proposition on the November 4, 2014 ballot...Pursuant to RCW 84.55.050, the council hereby calls for a submission of a proposition authorizing the town to levy an increase of $342,876 in property taxes to cover the town's public safety operation expenses, consistent with the budget adopted by the council...

    The town has suffered from decreased revenues as a result of a slow economy and declining property values; the town currently levies property taxes at the maximum statutory rate; Article VII, 2(a) of the Washington State Constitution and RCW 84.55.050 authorizes the town to submit to the town's qualified voters a proposition for an increased property tax levy beyond statutory and constitutional limits...

First Reading - Waived;  Second Reading - August 4, 2014

   See entire ordinance - http://eatonville-wa.gov/files/u2/080414_2014-8.pdf


FAA Partial Report Points to Various Dangers Regarding Possible Airport Development

       by Dixie A. Walter
       July 24, 2014

     In June a second public hearing was held by the town council regarding a 23 house, fenced, gated development being considered at the town's airport. At that time both council and developer decided to await the report from the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) before proceeding one way or the other on the future of the proposed development.
     The FAA has now started to weigh in on the highly, controversial, proposed development, Aviator Heights, which Dan Simon wishes to build at Swanson Field aka the Eatonville Airport.
     A partial FAA report, dated July 3, 2014, focuses on 43 structures and has issued 43 separate letters for each structure stating, “The structure...exceeds obstruction standards and/or would have an adverse physical or electromagnetic effect upon navigable airspace or air navigation facilities.”
     In addition the report states, “The structure is presumed to be a hazard...This letter does not authorize construction of the structure even at a reduced height.” All 43 letters are the same with the exception of numbers on the proposed sites.
    The structures are considered a "potential" hazard since they have not been built. There are 97 more cases pending regarding fencing and other issues concerning the proposed development.
    See one of the 43 FAA letters
FAA Partial Report

Please Help a Homeless Pet
August 7
, 2014

Meet Rudy...

     Rudy is a sweet and loving dog, who deserves a home that is as wonderful as his personality. Rudy is a social pup  who enjoys good company, but also loves quiet time and chewing on a tasty toy. This beautiful red coated pup does best with adults and should not be in a home with kids under the age of 6. Upon Rudy’s arrival to the shelter back in April, it was discovered that he suffers from arthritis in his right hip. He underwent orthopedic surgery and received a hydrotherapy sessions to help with his rehabilitation. Although Rudy is now is now on the fast track to good health, short walks are best for this guy! Rudy is patiently waiting for the right owner to come along, could it be you? Meet Rudy today. Reference #A484839.

Be Kind - Spay, Neuter and Microchip Your Pets

Toxic Algae in Local Lakes
No Swimming, Fishing, Wading...

     July 18, 2014: Be on the alert - stay out of the water and keep pets out too...Ohop Lake and Silver Lake on toxic list. See Toxic Algae Blooms in Pierce County Lakes.

Dog Lost Permanent Home after Double Tragedy Needs New Home

                                                                                                                                                                                (photo by Bob Walter)

     by Bob Walter
     July 10, 2014

    Animal Care Eatonville's (ACE) latest adoption candidate is "Tinker." He is seeking a new home and family after a recent double-tragedy occurred in his Eatonville home. His current foster mom is Kathy, and ACE is gladly serving as adoption facilitator. We'd like to thank Dr. Bob Best, Heather and Michelle at Eatonville Veterinary Clinic (EVC), for their generous commitment toward Tinker's eventual placement. (More Story and Photos).

Celebrating America's Birthday
Photos by Bob Walter...

     Relay For Life begins at noon Saturday, July 12. Guest speaker is Dr. Gordy Klatt who started what would become Relay in 1985. The 24-hour Relay event takes place on B. W. Lyon Field behind the high school.

Eatonville's Daffodil Parade entry depicting the hugely popular Frozen film. This float won the Queen's Award.

         More July 3 and 4 photos Here.

  School Board Meetings

       from Debi Hamilton
      June 20, 2014

     The Eatonville School Board of Directors will hold a 14-15 budget hearing on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 6 p.m. Eatonville School District Board Room, 200 Lynch St. W. Eatonville.
     The Eatonville School Board of Directors will hold their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 7: p.m. The agenda is available at
Select Eatonville School District from drop down menu. Click on Public User; Select Go To Meeting; Click on June 25, 2014

The Summer Board Meeting Schedule is as Follows

Monday, July 7, 2014, Regularly scheduled meeting. 7 p.m.
Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Regularly scheduled meeting. 7 p.m.


Airport News
May 12 Aviator Heights Public Hearing

    June 7, 2014
     My View

     by Dixie A. Walter: ENN has transcribed the lengthy audio of the Aviator Heights proposed development at the Eatonville airport, Swanson Field. Read the transcription here.
    The transcription is very long so I would suggest getting a cup of coffee, tea, sugary drink and take your time reading the page. This affects everyone, not only people who live on or near the airport.
    The proposed development includes 23 high end houses, cyclone fencing, three gates and a kid's park. It would be on property once owned by Jerry Nybo who went bankrupt. He, along with the past administration and some staff, did not follow the original development which the council at the time gave the okay.
    Safety is a huge issue with this proposed development. A light plane crashed into the yard of the Burlingame home which is not built on the runway, or even that close to it. I mentioned the crash during the public hearing but no one else did.
    After the hearing Sharon Burlingame thanked me for commenting on the plane which ended up inches from her front door. She said, "Imagine what would have happened if children had been playing in the yard." Excellent point that needs serious consideration.
    The council and developer are now waiting for a report from the Federal Aviation Administration  (FAA) regarding this proposal. To date every expert has spoken against the plane. These include WSDOT Aviation Planner, Carter Timmerman and John Collins Airport Owners and Pilots Association Manager.
     See their letters
WSDOT and Here.

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