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Preliminary Council Agenda  Monday, May 22, 2017
 One Agenda Item so Far
Confirmation of John E. Erickson II Appointment to Airport Commission
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Mount Rainier News:

Greg Burtchard National Park Service Cotter Award Winner...

Mount Rainier Tourism Creates $64.8M in Local Economic Benefit
Part of $35B impact overall that supports
 318,000 jobs nationwide...

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11th Annual Rainier Independent Film Festival May 19 through 21

Mount Rainier Park Paradise Inn Opens May 24...
More Information Visit Rainier


Be Kind:

Meet Summer, Pet of the Week, a Smiling, Happy People Dog Needing
a Loving Home

See Summer's Photo and Details

May Day Fete!
See Photos and Story Here

     May Queen Natasha Henley and King Joe Roebuck smile for their "subjects" after the iconic crowning of the Queen.

 Council Agenda and Actions
Monday, May 8, 2017
 One Agenda Item so Far

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Keith Jerome Malcom
June 6, 1924 – April 15, 2017

Connie M. Curtis
January 8, 1948 – April 14, 2017
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Save the Date for Relay's Fun Evening - the Talent Showcase Saturday, May 20, Eagles Hall More Information Here


Be Kind:

Meet Beau, Pet of the Week, a Handsome Feline Needing a Loving Home See Beau's Photo and Details Here

Eatonville Celebrated the Musical Genius of Dr. Cindy McTee April 13
See Story and Photos Here

     You can watch and listen to the full concert on YouTube -  An Evening of Music In Celebration of Cindy McTee - YouTube

R. I. P. Fred Oldfield
March 18, 1918 – February 24, 2017
Celebration of Life will be Held Sunday, June 11 at 11 a.m. at Puyallup Fairgrounds
Get Details Here

                                                                                      (photo courtesy Joella Oldfield)

   Joella Oldfield Remembers her Amazing “Daddy” Please See Fred Oldfield

2107 Council Committees and Council Terms Here


Unbridled Support for All EHS Students
Graduation Rates Rise Dramatically in Three Years

See Full Story Here

February 27, 2017 Town Council Report
Study Session - Discussion of Hangers at Airport Hazardous Height According to Federal Aviation Administration
Planning Commission Reduced to Five Members
See Full Report Here

Eatonville Relay For Life
2017 Kickoff a Big Success
See Story and Photos Here

Pierce County Prosecutor Crime News:

Latest Pierce County Prosecutor Crime News

SeaTac Man Charged in the Shooting Death of Homeless Woman...
See Updates Here

Why I Voted "No" to Remand  Aviator Heights Plat Back to Planning Commission
by Councilmember Bob Walter
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Sheila Kearns: 1996  Unsolved Murder at Longmire - $30,000 Reward
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