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Cameron Scott Wright
1962 - September 12, 2017

Cameron Wright...

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 Mount Rainier News:

Park Valor Memorial Dedicated August 25, 2017
Memorial Honors the Employees and Volunteer who
 Lost Their Lives While Saving Others
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 Be Kind:

Meet Blanco, Pet of the Week, a Lovely and very Friendly Male,
 White Rabbit Needing a Loving, Forever Home..

See More about Blanco, his Story and Photo Here


Another Van Eaton Doctor in Progress
He will Join Uncle Dr. Tom Van Eaton and
 Cousin Dr. Gloria Van Eaton Lowe in
 the Healing Profession...

                                                                                                                                                                       (courtesy photo)

     August 2017: The Van Eaton' gathered for the impressive White Coat Ceremony in Kansas as  celebration of his acceptance into medical school - Left to right - Grandparents Edwinna and Pat, John Christian, dad Jim, mom Holly and sister Tiffany at the University of Kansas City School of Medicine and Bioscience. John graduated from Montana State University with honors and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in US Army. He then received a full scholarship to attend UKC med school. 

Dozens of Crescent Suns, Shadowed
by Moon, Decorate Driveway During August 21, 2017 Eclipse...

     Strange illusions from the eclipse, with help from trees, the openings between the branches acting as lenses, created crescents on the ground. This is in our driveway. (photo by Bob Walter)

 Eatonville Night Out on Antonie Avenue...


     Story and Photo by Bob Walter

     Eatonville’s neighborhoods partied down Tuesday evening August 1st for National Night Out! There were seven block parties, some taking place right in the street with barricades supplied by EPD.

    This is a chance not only to get to know your neighbors and have a party, but also to build a stronger relationship between residents and their public safety officials, in an effort to deter local crime. Eatonville’s finest did it one better, bringing the whole department out, along with the mayor, the town administrator, and the district’s fire chief.

    They talked about their vehicles and equipment, the crime prevention emphasis of each individual officer, and what to do if you spot potential trouble in your neighborhood. Then they asked the block partiers what issues they were concerned about.

    Also accompanying the officials on their visits was Emmy Lay, 2017 coordinator of Eatonville’s 9-11 Day of Service. This year’s volunteer-driven community event, held in honor of the first responders to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, will be held the morning of Saturday, September 9, at 9:00 am, beginning with a flag-raising ceremony at the high school.

   Here, on their seventh and last stop on the south end of Antonie Avenue, Chief Brian Witt chats with residents.

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Celebrating Two 90th Birthdays on Same Weekend...
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