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March For Our Lives
See below for photos from the march in Washington D. C.

      My View
      by Dixie A. Walter
      March 24, 2018

      On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, a day dedicated  to Love, evil stalked Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
     Evil won that day by butchering 17 innocent people – 14 of them students, many as young as 14. Three staff members were also slaughtered during that bloody, four-minute rampage..
     Evil Carried an AR-15, a semi-automatic weapon designed only to kill as many people as possible. A weapon of war that should never be in the hands of civilians.
     This gun is not used for hunting as it would pulverize the meat making it unusable. It does the same to human bodies. The gun was legally bought by the killer, an 18-year-old, in Florida.
    Some of the surviving students faced the horrors that are usually faced by soldiers during war.
     There is no sense in being delicate about the damage this gun  did. These young people had to step over, walk through, parts of their classmates which had been blown into pieces. They had to walk past walls, and floors, covered in blood, brains, intestines. Those images are forever seared in the young minds of kids who should never, ever have had to witness such horror.
     Evil brought about the second worst school  massacre since the bloodbath that killed 20 very young children and six adults.
     Evil won that Day of Love, but the survivors said, "Enough!" and put all their grief and love into fighting Evil, and they won't stop.
     The youth of America have touched millions  of Americans  with their eloquence, spirit and willingness to continue fighting for their lives and safety along with the lives and safety of everyone.
     Everyone with a heart is proud and amazed by the kids who organized the March For Our Lives which spread across the world. In Washington D. C. alone there were hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions who are passionate about gun safety and putting an end to the terror school kids should never have to live with the rest of their young lives.
     While millions showed solidarity for sensible gun safety, the NRA held a fundraiser the night before the huge March For Our Lives. The person in the Oval Office who was completely wishy-washy regarding gun safety fled Washington D. C, like the coward he is, to play golf at his estate in Florida. Most of the elected officials in D. C., owned by the NRA, fled to their home states for their "Easter Recess." Easter falls on April Fool's Day this year, which is sadly fitting.
     As the cowards ran and hid, the kids remain dedicated and deeply committed to stopping the senseless murder of their peers, regardless of where the murders occur.
     America can be more than proud of these kids who are, in a very real sense,  our future. They give us hope and courage. These kids know change doesn't come easily, or quickly, but they are filled with courage, anger and
heroism that will not fade away. Don't leave this battle up to our kids, help them any way you can, they can't carry the weight of this atrociousness alone!
     Since the Parkland massacre there have been other shootings. You can see the Wall Street Journal article explaining what has happened since that fateful Valentine's Day.

    Since Parkland’s #NeverAgain, School Shootings Have Happened Again - WSJ



More Photos of the “March For Our Lives”
 in Washington D.C. in Real Time
Photos by Nanci Dean Thibault
EHS Graduate 1975














































Photographer Nanci at the March with friends.

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