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School "Do No Harm" Letter
to State Representatives
Regarding Levy Funding

       February 18, 2018

     Dear Representatives Wilcox, Barkis and Senator Becker, Eatonville School District had a renewal EPO Levy on the February 13, 2018 election.
    Throughout the months leading up to the election, the District was  very vocal  and transparent that the $2.51 rate on the ballot was higher than HB2242 allowed, but is what is necessary to retain currently utilized and extremely successful (i.e. 96.5% graduation rate) programs within ESD.
     Our voters heard, agreed and passed the levy with a 61.4% supermajority. We very  respectfully request that Eatonville School District be allowed to retain the levy funds  approved by its voters.
     The difference between what was approved, and what is allowed under HB2242 is $1.585 million, approximately 6.5% of our operating budget!
     We cannot sustain that grave a loss to our discretionary spending without significantly reducing the programming offered to our students.
     A great deal of our levy funding is directed at serving our most emotionally and medically fragile students; program cuts could have tragic consequences.
    Therefore, we  implore the legislature to grant a “do no harm” dispensation for Eatonville School District with regards to levy collections.

   Thank you.
   Krestin Bahr
Eatonville School District 404


Thursday, March 8 - Keeping Our Schools Safe...


!THANK YOU EATONVILLE!Message from Superintendent Krestin Bahr

     February 15, 2018

     On behalf of our students, School Board and all staff in Eatonville School District, I want to extend my gratitude to our community, which has voted to renew our expiring educational levy and our capital levy. This important levy funds nearly 20 percent of our daily budget and are essential for our educational program and student learning. We vow to spend every penny in a responsible and prudent manner.

     It has been said that a sign of a great community is how they care for the youth and elderly. From our perspective, our community, despite facing recent hard economic times, proved once again how great you are. While at its very basic level a successful levy passage is about funding, the meaning and significance goes much deeper. It highlights our citizens’ generous hearts and strong passion for education and student learning. It means we believe in giving our students the best opportunity to succeed in life and pursue their dreams and goals.

    Your vote of confidence also lets the Eatonville School District staff know that they are doing a good job with fewer resources and serve as good stewards of public resources. Most importantly, it means that we can keep providing our students with the quality education they deserve through your investment in our future.

    I thank each of you and the many volunteers who generously gave time and resources to support this levy election. A special thank you to the Eatonville School Board, Eatonville’s Citizens for Education Committee as well as all of the parent, community and staff volunteers for their leadership and support with voter outreach and education. Our Education Program Levy was successful because of the continued support of residents. Whether you put a sign in your yard, informed others about the benefits of passing this measure or voted yes – we could not have done it without you!

   With gratitude,
   Krestin Bahr
   Eatonville School District 404


School Levies Pass Easily
See Results from Auditor

No. 1 Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy

1,568 61.2%

994 38.8%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 2,562

No. 2 Capital Projects Levy

1,523 59.75%

1,026 40.25%

Total Votes (not including write-ins) 2,549

Parade of Pride by Eatonville Elementary Students and Educators
Elementary Kids Reach Top Five Percent in State Last Year!
Photos and Story by Bob Walter

     On a cool, wintry Friday morning, Eatonville had reason to celebrate, and celebrate they did! During the January 22 council meeting Eatonville Town Administrator Abby Gribi announced that  Eatonville Elementary has become a "School of Distinction," by going from the bottom five percent among schools in the state to the top five percent in 2017.
Diane Heersink, Principal of  Eatonville Elementary, STEM Lighthouse School says, "It's not very often that a Priority School gets the School of Distinction Award."
     Escorted by the Eatonville Police, and starting their parade at 9:30 a.m. in a swing by the middle school, the entire student body and their staff of educators then marched down Washington Avenue.

See More Photos and Learn More about the Replacement Levies Here


Eatonville School Board of Directors Active in Schools and Professional Development

     On any given day, it is not unusual to see one or more of the Eatonville School District Board
members in one of the schools taking part in programs, classes or attending events. The current School Board, which has over 38 years of combined experience as school board members, take their jobs seriously and look forward to professional development and to new ways of thinking.

    When they set the values in 2014 for the District of Curiosity, Excellence, Responsibility, Character, Equity and Diversity, they decided to adopt those values for themselves as individuals as well as a group.

    Superintendent Bahr welcomes their participation, which has opened doors to the Directors learning more about how education works, where the funding comes from, experiencing the curriculum and programs being taught and ways to think out of the box with always the same goal of, “What is best for the students.”

    “We have a board with many different strengths that offer them freely while showing respect for the administration and each other. They are supportive of using the resources that surround the schools for different approaches to learning. Each of our schools is unique and our board supports this uniqueness wholeheartedly.”

    Eatonville School Board of Directors include Ronda Litzenberger, Roger Andrascik, Paulette Gilliardi, Jeff Lucas and our newest member Liza Klumpar. For two years, they have won the WSSDA Board of Distinction Award.

    This year they have won multiple certificates at the annual WSSDA conference in areas such as Advanced Leadership, Equity, and Foundations of Boardsmanship. Board Chair, Ronda Litzenberger and Assistant Chair, Roger Andrascik committed this year to WSSDA’s Advanced Leadership classes and participated in projects, multiple conferences and workshops learning how to be Leaders in their community and roles.

    Jeff, using his firefighting skills, recently helped students build a Lahar trail up  the mountainside from the District’s Kjelstad Farm where students K-12 spend time in the Ohop Valley. He also spends much time with legislators advocating for the schools. Roger Andrascik, recently retired from Mount Rainier Parks, lends his expertise and strong connection to nature.

    You will often see him in classes and on field trips. Paulette offers a strong community tie, a good sense of business and strongly advocates for our Career Technical Education programs. Anywhere there are kids, you will see her with them having conversations.

    Ronda brings a leadership style that aligns with our goals and values and is very interested in how and what we can offer the students in programs and curriculum. She also volunteers many hours in the schools. Liza brings a fresh view and shares her strengths in Technology and 21st Century learning.

    With January being Board Appreciation Month, We want to say it has been an honor working with t
his board. THANK YOU to our board for all of the volunteer hours you share with us. Eatonville SD is truly blessed

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