EatonvilleNews Staff:

Karri Dowtin
All pages and main graphics in this site were originally designed by the creative genius of Karri Dowtin. She maintained the site from inception until August of 2002.

Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda is the current webmaster behind the pages of EatonvilleNews, having taken over for Karri Dowtin. All site updates are now maintained by her.

Angela Rodriguez

Our resident artist in training.

Dixie A. Walter
Providing many of the stories on this site, EatonvilleNews is the brainchild of Ms. Walter.  If you like her stories or have any ideas or suggestions for future stories, she encourages you to send her a note.

Donny O'Brien
Donny is our local sports guru.  If it's sports-related and has to do with Eatonville, you'd be hard pressed not to find Donny among the crowd, taking notes and snapping pictures of our local youths  in action.  You can drop him a line here.



Bob Walter
Bob Walter, along with holding the position of education director for 20 years with the Humane Society for Tacoma-Pierce County, has been known to write the occasional news story and/or column, and now is back-up/short notice Webmaster of ENN.  We at are very lucky indeed to have this wonderful man working with us. Want more animal-related stories? Let him know! You can reach Bob Walter here.


Penny Chambers

Penny is our faithful reporter of  school board meetings, Sheriff's reports and just about anything else that Dixie cannot cover!  We are very proud to have her on "the staff."

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*Note: We reserve the right to limit the amount of letters published.  Letters may be edited for length and clarity.



"The artist is nothing without the gift,
but the gift is nothing without work."
~Emile Zola