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"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work."

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Arlen's Excellent Adventures

     by Arlen Paranto
     November 26, 2007

     All of these pictures were taken near my friend Bob's place in Buena Vista which is about 70 miles north of Cabo San Lucas,on the highway to LaPaz.  It is on the Sea of Cortez side of Baja.
     I took George Kreger down there shortly after his wife Ramon died. The photo was at the new home on the beach of one of my friends. I took Jim Bowerman down there two years in a row after that, and then took my son, Steve and Tim Bloom down. We all had a ball fishing and running all over the beaches and mountains nearby with the four wheelers.

This One Didn't Get Away...

     With my buddy Bob Ham near his home just west of Cabo San Lucas on the Sea of Cortez side. A  nice 120 pound Yellowfin Tuna I caught there.
    On a two-day outing, Bob and I caught nearly 1000 pounds of Yellowfin Tuna with the smallest being 85 pounds and the largest about 140 pounds, nine fish in all. We had that many more hooked and fought for awhile before losing them. Very hard on the back and arms.
     Bob used to farm and ranch in South Dakota, but moved to Mexico, Alaska and all around now.

Dolphinfish lost This Battle...

     "The fish with myself, Tim Bloom and Steve [Arlen's son] is  a Bull [male] Dorado (dolphinfish).  Males have the square  head while the females are smaller and have a rounded head.
     "A dolphinfish is not at all related to the dolphin family. I think they all call them Dorado so there is no confusion. Great top water fighters !" Dorado means gold in Spanish because these beautiful fish often are shimmering gold on their side and bellu. Dorados are called "Mahi Mahi" in Hawaii and in American markets.

George Relaxed by the Sea...

George Kreger relaxes in a tropical paradise at Arlen's friend's home in Cabo.

Marlins are Good to Eat...

     Arlen's Marlin caught off Baja. Arlen tells us, "Fresh marlin steaks are very good and smoked marlin is excellent. Most of the marlin are released but often a Mexican deck hand will want to keep one for his family so we keep it. Or if one has been injured so badly it will die then it is kept. Or if we want to keep one for smoking we keep it and usually give a lot of the fish to the local Mexicans. They like the head and underbelly section for soups and barbequeing. Fish bones make excellent stock for lots of recipes. You boil the bones/flesh to make the stock. I think they even use a mesh bag over them so a filtering stock is made. The stock is used in the finest of seafood recipes. There is also a lot of real good meat just inside the head - like halibut cheeks."

Pilot's R Us...

     Arlen said, "The Pilotus airplane was flown in with one of my other buddies who is a big trucker in San Jose.  He has several thousand acres right next to Cliff's and even bought some from Cliff and Cleo last year.  He has a beautiful home in Cabo. He also raises several hundred buffalo and has bought pheasant hunting lands in North Dakota for earlier hunting for his friends. His friend owns the plane, a three million dollar rig.

Sea Turtle Breaks the surface...

One of the perks of fishing off Mexico is the chance to observe ocean wildlife.

Wave from a Whale...

A whale frolics in the sea.

His First Marlin...

      Arlen points out, "Here's one of my brother Craig and Bob Ham with Craig's first marlin. Craig lives in Helena and is a well known knife handle carver and artist. He goes by the name "Cricket." (More about "Cricket" below.

Killing Time...

Steve Paranto and Tim Bloom pass the time playing rock, paper, scissors.

The Old Gang...

     The old gang. John Johnson, Cleo Pulis, Arlen, Cliff Pulis and Bob Ham. "It's great to have such great friends both the hunting bunch and the golfing bunch as we always have lots of laughs and re-telling of old stories. We have been through a lot together and remain steadfast as friends. As you can see, there are a bunch of us from Dakota that stick together pretty close and remain best friends. I have another bunch of about fourteen from Dakota that I golf with twice a year at Packwood, but that's another story, " said Arlen.

Some of the "Old Gang" as Young Men...

     "Here is an old picture of the four of us when we worked at constructing the Shadehill Dam in 1949." Arlen, Cleo Pulis, Cliff Pulis and Bob Ham. 

Still Buddies Fifty-Six Years Later...

     Cleo Pulis, Arlen, Cliff Pulis and Bob Ham. Cleo lives in Coeur d'Alene and has a summer home in Seldovia Alaska.

Going Home after a Hard Days Fishing...

Jim Bowerman and Bob Ham heading home.

"Cricket's" Art...

       "Craig 'Cricket' does many carvings on antlers, like the ends of knives as shown below. He also has done extensive etched mirror art for people's homes and for businesses all over Dakota and Montana. At the Water Hole Bar/restaurant in Lemmon, South Dakota he made about  eight to ten large mirrors about 3' x 4' with  scenes that depict a panoramic view of the prairie, including a lake where we used to have a cabin. There is my Dad sitting there on the dock fishing ! I sure would like to get that mirror. 
     His carvings of the Moose antlers are very extensive and detailed. He has sold those for as much as $1,500. Craig has also done lots of carvings on waterbeds, kitchen cabinets, etc. One year a local disc jockey paid him to come out here and carve his waterbed. He sells  lots of his carvings at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally also.

Carved Moose Antler Scenes by "Cricket"


Antler Knife Handles...

Coyote Jaw Knife...

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"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a serenity of the mind." 

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"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work." 

 ~Author Unknown















"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles."

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"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles."

  ~Doug Larson


















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