Does He or Doesn't He?

Portion of planning commission meeting Oct. 6, 2003:

Walter: Because thereís been so much talk about business I decided I would look into how many businesses are actually in Eatonville. And, weíve had so much talk about home businesses and cottage industries. So I got a printout from the town hall. I havenít had a chance to go through it totally yet.

In my business I donít charge any money so I donít have to have a license at this point. At some point I will. And Iím wondering what are the rules for having a business like mine in my home?

Lind: Are we prepared to answer this? Mr. Kast or have you looked into this?

Kask: We have a provision in our codeÖ(goes into a lengthy description)

Walter: Interrupts Ė Youíre supposed to have a business license though, arenít you?

Kask: And then you have to have a business license.

Walter: This is a printout of Eatonville and in going through it, and I havenít gone through it with a fine toothed comb, but I was looking forÖto LindÖYou have a home-based business, do you not?

Lind: Iím not going to get into that subject at the moment.

Walter: So I take that as a ďno?Ē

Lind: No, Iím not going to get into it at the moment.

Walter: Well, I was just wondering because I couldnít find it here. So I was just wonderingÖ

Lind: Is in there?

Walter: No, I donít charge any money. Iím not eligible for a license yet. Thatís one of the things I was checking. I donít see you in here. But you may be under a different name so that I donít know what Iím looking for.

Lind: Anything else?

Walter: No, thatís all. Thank you very much.

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