Will Planning Chair Eventually Buy 
a Business License?

A Letter From Public Works Requesting Clarification

October 27, 2003

Steve Lind
P.O. Box 3
Eatonville, WA. 98328
Re: Business License

Mr. Lind:

A number of weeks ago the Town wrote you a letter regarding the requirements for a business license, and if applicable a home occupation permit.  We have not received a response or a reply, nor has the clerk’s office received application for or payment of a business license as required by the Eatonville Municipal Code. We encourage you to make reference to the associated EMC Sections, copies that have been previously provided to you, to help you determine the applicability of this requirement to your current business purposes. If you are not conducting business within the Town of Eatonville or from your place of residence then these rules / regulations obviously do not apply and we would appreciate your indication accordingly.

As the Chairman of the Planning Commission and the Town’s Board of Adjustment we can only presume that either you have never, or do not now, conduct business within the community or that you have inadvertently overlooked this permitting / license requirement. Please note that the failure to get a business license is a violation of the code and considered a misdemeanor.

I look forward to discussing this matter with you at your convenience and I ask that you please respond to this correspondence within ten business days of the date of this letter.

Thank you.

F. Gregory Wilder
Interim Public Works Director

And Yet Another Letter...

September 30, 2003

Steve Lind 
P.O. Box 3
108 Rainier Ave S. 
Eatonville, WA.  98328
Re: Business License / Home Occupation

Dear Mr. Lind:

As you know the Town of Eatonville has certain requirements relating to business licenses and home occupations.  A copy of the applicable Eatonville Municipal Code (EMC) relating to both of these items is included for your records and reference.

It is important to note that paragraph 5.04.020 of the EMC requires that any person, firm, or corporation that engages or carries on business in the Town must have a business license.  This is not restricted to just businesses whose clientele is local or Town sourced.  A “temporary business” is alternatively required of businesses and firms conducting their trade or profession within the Town even though they may not maintain a physical and permanent presence.  Examples would include firms, consultants, and the like with a contractual or other working relationship with the Town.  Parametrix as well as Gray & Osborne have continuously and traditionally maintained business licenses within Eatonville.

You have indicated to me that you conduct business out of your home and/or accessory buildings.  If this is the case, you are required by the EMC, Chapter 5.04, (Business Licenses), EMC 18.04.040 (E)(3), and EMC 18.08.040 (Home Occupations) to hold such license and to annually renew it so long as you conduct business within the Town.  As well, please note that a permit is required under EMC 18.09.02 relating to zoning.  I am attaching a copy of the applicable EMC provisions for your records and review as to applicability.  As the Chairperson of the Town’s Planning Commission, together with your familiarity with applicable home occupation and zoning provisions, you will probably be able to interpret the letter and intent of these provisions as well or better than I.

It may be the case that you are not now or have not previously been engaged in a business within the Town of Eatonville or at your place of residence within the Town.  If this is the case, please disregard this correspondence accordingly.  However, if you are conducting, operating or otherwise pursuing active business interest within the Town and/or from your place of residence, it is important that you comply with the Town’s requirements. 

Please note that we are tasked with code enforcement as Town employees and we are in the process of contacting others, as well, to insure that they comply with the Town’s regulations.  These code requirements are intended to protect the general health and welfare of the public, and to insure applicable uses compatible with the Town’s Comprehensive Development Plan, zoning ordinances, policies, and other ordinances as may be applicable.

If you have concerns or questions please address them to me at your convenience.


F. Gregory Wilder 
Public Works Director
c: Town Clerk

C:   Mayor Pro Tem Chelan Jarrett, Town Clerk, Bob Mack

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