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         This is an open meeting! Please invite others that you think may be interested in the downtown plaza.
We look forward to seeing you there!

    Class of '57 Mini-Reunion


      Last weekend, September 13, several members of  Eatonville High School class of 1957, and a few friends from other classes met at Ruth Swanson Ferris' Eatonville place for a mini-class reunion to celebrate their 51st year.
      Left to right: Wally Block; Linda Treadwell Feldtman; David Potts; Gary Carew; Ruth Swanson Ferris; Kirstin Dalin Roberts; Carol Dinwiddie Block and Duwayne Block.

Memories of the Carefree Days of Youth

     Left to right: Terry Van Eaton, Diana Carew; Gary Carew; Duwayne Block and David Potts

A Bit of the Grape...

Lenore Erickson Bailey and Gena Erickson raise a glass and enjoy a snack after the reunion.


Mountain and Moon...

     September 14, 2008: Tony Sirgedas took this spectacular photo of the moonrise by Mount Rainier last Friday night, "...at Bethel High School when I was shooting a football game there. Tonightís moonrise should almost come up over the top of Rainier depending on your exact location in the area."


First Look at Town Flag...

                                                                                                                                                                                (photo by Bob Walter)

     August 31, 2008 - by Bob Walter: When asked about the flag, the staff at town hall were eager to bring it out for a look. The flag is a combination of the winning flag design contest entry and later revisions by town officials. It is quite large, perhaps five feet high by seven feet long.
      It spanned nearly the entire width of the clerk's office, and took two staff people, one of them on a footstool, to hold it up for a photo. They weren't sure where the flag could be displayed or flown, due to its large size. Currently it is tucked away in the town hall office on a seven-foot long, wooden pole.
      The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) requested towns and cities enter a representative flag in their Parade of Flags in mid-June which was part of the group's 75th anniversary celebration in Yakima. The flag shown above is on a white background, cost several hundred dollars ane was made to specs by AWC. The finished flag was mentioned months ago during a council meeting, but it was explained that someone forgot to bring it to the meeting to show citizens. To the best of ENN's knowledge the subject wasn't brought up again and the flag wasn't brought any meetings.
As far as we know this is the only Eatonville Town Flag to have been made.
    To see other municipal flags please go to AWC Parade of Flags

Original Entry...

     The original design submission, Valley Sign in Orting, displayed, on a banner at the bottom, the words, "Small Town - Big Heart." The revised version which became the town flag has the words, "Incorporated 1909" instead. Small Town - Big Heart was removed at the suggestion of Councilmember Bobbi Allison. The Mount Rainier profile was not from the Eatonville angle; that, too was changed, also at Allison's suggestion. So the actual flag shows Eatonville's view of the mountain.
      In late February the council decided to hold a flag design contest. April 14 they looked at a few entries but appeared unsatisfied with entries and talked about how they could be changed to better reflect what the council was looking for.
      Watch a brief video of some of the flag entries given to the council April 14. Valley Sign has also painted the "emblems" on town vehicles according to Mayor Tom Smallwood - Town Flag Choice

Eatonville Grad in
Bejing for Olympics...

                                                                                                                                                            (photo courtesy of the Dean family)

August 24, 2008 - by Dixie A. Walter:  Nanci Dean Thibault, a 1975 graduate of Eatonville High School, traveled to Bejing with her husband, basketball coach Mike Thibault, kids Eric, who turned 21 in China, and Carley, 17, for Mike's stint as assistant coach of the women's basketball team during the summer Olympics. The team was undefeated and won their fourth consecutive Olympic Gold Medal.
       Mike graduated from Saint Martin's in Lacey in 1979 and immediately moved into big time sports. Included among Mike's past coaching credits are: assistant coach and scout of the Los Angeles Lakers (right out of college); scout and assistant coach for the Atlanta Hawks, New York Knicks and Seattle Supersonics; assistant coach and scout for the Chicago Bulls and  general manager of the Omaha Racers: He worked for USA Basketball as coach for the U.S. national team when they earned a gold medal at the 1993 FIBA World Championship qualifying tournament and a silver medal at he 1995 Pan American Games.
      Mike was hired by the Connecticut Sun in 2003 replacing Dee Brown. Prior to the 2006 season Mike was named WNBA Coach of the Year when he led the team to the Eastern Conference finals.
      Nanci was very active during her years at Eatonville High School. The 1975 annual tells us she was in the Pep Club for three years; junior class treasurer; cheerleader; two years of track, two years of basketball; played tennis for two years; on the Homecoming Court as a sophomore; three years of drama club, two year in the ski club, girl's state; teacher's aid; on the student council in her senior year and still was able to become Valedictorian. She was also named Most Likely to Succeed. After high school Nanci became a registered nurse.
      Nanci's parents are Carol and Jim Dean who moved to Eatonville after Jim's stint as supervisor of the LaGrande Dam. Carol was the town's deputy town clerk before being named town clerk, a position she held for several years.  Nanci's two sisters Sue Doll and Jan Burgess also live in Eatonville where Jan is a small business owner as proprietor of Jan's Salon on Carter Street.
      The Thibault's left Bejing right after the Olympic for their home in East Lyme, Connecticut.
      To read Eric's blog please go here - Eric Thibault - Interactive Archive  Eric attends the University of Missouri and sister Carley is a senior at East Lyme High School.

Tony Visits Mountain in Mist and the Deer Come out to Play
Photos by Tony Sirgedas

     August 20, 2008: The fog rolls through with snow still lying in patches under the trees. Tony says, "It was great up there. Foggy and misty (ok, a little bit more than a mist) with deer all over the place up above Paradise. With the late afternoon trip up there are almost no people and you seem to have the place to yourself.

Young Buck Nibbles Among the Wildflowers...

A small buck enjoys some of the dampened wildflowers

Frolicking Fawns...

  And fawns were all over the place peeking at the stranger with a camera.

More Fun in the Mountain Mist...

After looking to see they were in no danger the fawns continued to romp and play.

Moody Mount Rainier...

                                                                                                                                                                                  (photo by Tony Sirgedas)

     August 18, 2008: Uber talented, local, photographer Tony Sirgedas says, "Finally...a break from the heat  this morning. Sunday morning Rainier looked ready to rumble on its own after the thunder storms settled down. Later in the evening thunder storms again rumbled in the area of the mountain." Look carefully at the left side of Rainier, locals see the profile of and Indian Chief - perhaps Indian Henry aka Soo-Too-Lick?

August 19 EMS Election Result

August 20, 2008

Town of Eatonville Prop. 1 - Levy Lid Lift for EMS Passes

Approved     -     178 61%

Rejected       -     112 39%

Emily Randolph - Local Dynamo Has New Website...

                                                                                                                                     (courtesy photo)

     July 29, 2008 - by Dixie A. Walter: This lovely child is Emily Randolph, ten-years-old and an accomplished performer since the age of five. Emily attends school in Eatonville and participates in many functions and events, locally and away from the area. Emily, who was born to sing, has performed at Disneyland, and Silverwood in Idaho, the largest theme park in the northwest. She has also performed at the Relay For Life, the Puyallup Fair and numerous county fairs and festivals. She is scheduled to entertain at the Clallam County Fair August 14.
     In the fall of 2006 Emily was the winner of South Hill Mall's Idol contest in the seven through twelve age category. She is one of the entertainers featured at the Eatonville Art Festival August 1, 2, 3 where she will sing each day. This little dynamo also dances and loves horses.
      Emily sings blues, pop, jazz, Broadway and country. To hear clips of her singing visit her brand new Web site             Emily Sings
you won't be disappointed.

Candidates at Eatonville Forum

                                                                                                                                                                                  (photo by Bob Walter)

     July 26, 2008 - by Bob Walter: Present at the candidates forum in Eatonville Wednesday evening, July 23, sponsored by the Eatonville Dispatch, were four candidates for Pierce County Executive and four candidates for State Representative in the 2nd Legislative District.
     From left to right in the photo above are county executive candidates Shawn Bunney, Republican, and Galvin Goings, Mike Lonergan and Pat McCarthy, Democrats. Democratic candidates at the right end of the table, campaigning for state representative in District 2, are Chuck Collins, JeanMarie Christenson and Ray Harper, running for Position 1, and Michael C. Powell, running for Position 2. The forum was attended by approximately 25 citizens and was held in the Eatonville Baptist Church.

First Woman County Executive?

                                                                                                                                                                            (photo by Bob Walter)

     Pierce County Auditor Pat McCarthy, campaigning for Pierce County Executive, makes a point at the candidates forum at the Baptist Church in Eatonville Wednesday evening. Mike Lonergan, left, also running for county executive, and state representative candidate Chuck Collins, right, look on.
    McCarthy is in her second term as county auditor. She has served as deputy auditor, college administrator and 12 years on the Tacoma School Board. If elected McCarthy would be the first woman to serve as Pierce County Executive.

   Listen to the candidates at Eatonville Truth  http://www.s-lind.com/a72308.wav

Series of Arsons - One Very Close to Mayor's House


Be Aware! This Could be a Life or Death Situation
  It's No Joke and It's Not Amusing...

        by Dixie A. Walter
        July 17, 2008

       After the special council meeting was closed this evening, Thursday, July 17, Mayor Tom Smallwood brought up the arson attempts happening in Eatonville since June 24. Twenty-one days later, Wednesday, July 16, the community mail boxes were set afire on Pennsylvania Avenue next to the Smallwood home. This happened around 1:30 a.m. A neighbor put out the fire, but didn't call law enforcement for several hours. Smallwood said he didn't know about the fire at the time it happened.
     The mayor implored the handful of citizens and media to please get the word out about this threat to the community. One of the earlier attempts to set a fire was a can, with a wick, filled with flammable liquid. A Molotov cocktail. These fire bombs can also be made in bottles and have long been a weapon of terrorists.
     Smallwood asked that if you see someone walking with a can of pop that looks like it's being carried oddly, or anything which seems out of the ordinary, to please call 911 immediately. This will connect you to Fife where the dispatching for Eatonville police takes place.
     Do not call Eatonville Police Department. ENN asked if EPD could be called in the daytime and the answer is, No, call
911 because the call will be on record.. Fife will get in touch with EPD as quickly as possible.
     ENN also asked Mayor Smallwood if he thought he was being "targeted." His answer, "No."  The post office has been notified as this latest arson crime is a federal offense. To see a brief, but telling video, of the mailboxes please go to
Mail Box Arson.

Burn Ban in Effect as of July 17

      Burn bans have taken place all over the state. Please be extremely careful with bar-be-ques, matches, lighters, anything machine, large or small, that throws sparks.
      Out of control fire is always frightening. Please remember this. Eatonville was almost burned during the terrible fire
of 1924. Be on alert, and tell your family and friends to keep focused about this fire threat. For more details please see earlier story below.

Someone has Attempted Arson in Town Three Times Recently
Pennsylvania Avenue North, Antonie Avenue North and Center Street West Targeted

      from Gaille Findley
 Administrative Secretary EPD
     July 17, 2008

     On July 16th at about 1:30 a.m. a man living in the 300 block of Pennsylvania Avenue North said he heard what he thought was a gunshot outside. When he went outside he said the community mailboxes across the street were on fire. He ran out and was able to put the fire out. 
     It appears that a person or persons, unknown, poured gasoline on top of the mailboxes and set them on fire. A soda can was found at the scene still containing gasoline. We are attempting to fingerprint the can. Citizens are asked to report (dial 911) immediately any suspicious activity day or night. At this time we have no suspects.

    Also in the June police brief an incident on June 24th it is related. We have notified the fire department, fire marshal and post office of all incidents. Police Chief Jim Lewis is very concerned about this as we all are. 
    This is the June 24 police report of two incidents pertaining to possible arson -
"June 24 Ė Someone threw a soda can filled with a flammable liquid with a cloth wick into the driveway in the 300 block of Antonie Ave N. The fire burned out causing no damages. However, that same night the same suspect(s) sprayed a flammable liquid on the back deck of a residence in the 500 block of Center St W. The fire burned out before causing any real damages. Citizens are asked to be very vigilant at night and report anything suspicious."

    (Publisher's Note: During the June 14 council meeting Chief Lewis referred to the can of gasoline as a "Molotov Cocktail" which is an improvised incendiary weapon.)

EDDA Meeting Tuesday July 22
Featuring Design Alternatives for Town "Plaza"

     Press release
          July 19, 2008

         There will be an Eatonville Downtown Development Association (EDDA) meeting at 4 to 6 p.m., Tuesday, July 22 at Town Hall. The Design Consultants "CTS" will be there to submit two design alternatives for the Plaza Design at Mashell Avenue a and Carter Street.  

         (Publisher's Note: During a recent planning commission meeting Commissioner Paul Treyz asked "if anything is being done regarding a park next to Jebinos." The site he was referring to is a controversial piece of property set aside as a town square or town plaza. Different people use different names for the site. The question and the mayor's answer were taken from the commission's minutes.
         According to the minutes Treyz's answer from Smallwood was, "Mayor [Tom] Smallwood said that yes the plan is to put a park in there, to have an alley way on the east side with parking across the front and back of the property, with landscaping between the park and Jebinos."
        The council, on July 14, hired consultants CTS - CTS appear to be fast workers as they will have two designs ready for viewing in just six business days.)

Great Photo of South
Dakota Fireworks...

     July 10, 2008: Arlen Paranto sent this amazing photo to ENN today. It is from his niece in South Dakota. Chad Coppess, the photographer, explains, "I put the credits across the bottom of the photo because last year's fireworks picture spread all over the Internet like, well, like wildfire. But no one knew who took it or where it came from. Hopefully everyone will know if a similar thing happens this year. So feel free to forward this on to friends and relatives."

Progress at the Park...

                                                                                                                                                                         (photo by Bob Walter)

     July 6, 2008: A sinewy sidewalk now borders the mill whistle sculpt created by Charles Matheny, standing near the Van Eaton Cabin in Mill Pond Park. The sidewalk also connects with the street sidewalk on the north, and the Van Eaton Cabin on the west, making the cabin now fully accessible. The project of the South Pierce County Historical Society is part of its plan to link together, elements of the future museum, with a loop path. The work laying the sidewalk was performed by Sutter Construction, which also built the other sidewalks in the park.  
     Inside the loop, red fescue grass will soon be planted.

Mother Nature Puts on Spectacular Light Show
Photos by Tony Sirgedas

     July 3, 2008: Tony asks, "Did you get any sleep last night?" Then adds, "I sure didn't sleep well. I spent some time outside with the camera on a tripod. (It's okay, I was wearing my special aluminum lightening repelling cap...LOL.) These were taken around 1 a.m. from the top of Dow Hill." Mount Rainier was highlighted many times during the storm, or series of storms. But only Tony could capture the image so beautifully.
     The National Weather Service reported over 2,500 lightning bolts recorded in 24 hours. The flashy storm lasted at least 12 hours, and quite a few people in the area say they did lose sleep during the tumultuous night and morning. No one remembers such a long-lived storm in this area in the past.
     Eatonville was without electricity for a couple of hours. But eventually the weather finally calmed down, electricity was restored and life returned to normal. Just in time for the human fireworks.

 Tony Captures a Few of the 2,500 Lightning Bolts Early Thursday Morning...

     Eatonville looked more like the midwest than the northwest Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Thunder rumbled through the sky every few minutes punctuated by sheet lighting and bolts. It was an amazing night and one most will remember for a very long time.

    For a short video of Wednesday Night's dazzling light show please see July 2 Lighting Show


Another Cougar Sighting
This Time at Kelsey Lane...

     July 1, 2008 - by Dixie A. Walter: A cougar was seen in a yard on Kelsey Lane in the past couple of days. It's not known if this is the same cougar which has been seen several times recently. There is a possibility that more than one cat is being spotted in the past several weeks. Young cougars stay with the mother cat until they are about two years old. At this point the mother basically pushes them aside to make room for new kits. Females breed about every two years.
     Because of this behavior it is possible more than one juvenile cougar is traveling the area as cougars often have at least two young and sometimes more. Keep yourself, children and pets safe. Don't feed wildlife. While it may appear cute to feed raccoons in your yard predators follow prey and raccoons hanging around may entice a cougar to your property.
    Don't let your pets roam, bring them in at night. If this is not an option keep pets in a kennel with a secure top. Don't feed your house pets outside and be sure to store garbage securely. Livestock should be kept in shed or barns at night. Keep doors to all outbuildings securely closed.
     Make noise when walking around areas where cougars have been seen or might be hiding. Encourage children to play in
groups and alert you if a big cat is seen. It is also recommended that you keep a radio going outside as cougars don't like human noise.

     There has been a report of someone hearing what they believe to be a cougar in the Kelsey Lane area. There was also a report of a local woman hearing a cougar near her home above Antonie Avenue a couple of years ago. Cougars are capable of making many sounds, but they cannot roar as a lion or tiger. Those who have heard cougars say it is a sound they won't forget, often compared to sounding like a human woman in distress. To hear one of the cougar sounds please go to Cougar Screams

Cougar Sighted near Northwest Trek Again...

                                                                                                                        (photo by Tony Sirgedas - 2004)

     This photo was taken by Tony Sirgedas in January 2004 at Northwest Trek. The cougar pictured is a captive animal, but the photo illustrates just how easily a big cat can blend into its background.    

                                                                                                                      (photo by Tony Sirgedas - 2004)

     Detail of the big cat in the same tree with a zoom lens.

      June 29, 2008 - by Dixie A. Walter: There has been a cougar sighting in the vicinity of 380th and Meridian.  A person who saw the big cat reported it was a young animal. The area where the cat was seen is about a quarter of a mile from Northwest Trek. A cougar was seen May 18 going through a parking lot at Trek.
     The area where the cat was most recently spotted is rural, yet also residential.  Saturday, May 10 one of the native big cats killed a pet alpaca owned by local resident  Christine Fitzer. Eight days later a cougar was seen at Northwest Trek.
     And a couple of weeks after the alpaca, Aiden, was killed, near the town limits of Eatonville, a pet pig was killed on Scott-Turner Road. The pig was a pet of the Schmidt family and they had only had the pot-bellied pig a couple of months.
     Schmidt's have 22 acres on Scott-Turner Road and have never had an occurrence like the death of the pig happen before. It is not known for sure what did kill the pig, but there is no doubt the alpaca was killed by a cougar. Christine Fitzer saw the cougar and chased it off, but it was too late. This attack took place during daylight hours.
      Sgt. T. Jackson with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife brought hounds to the Fitzer area, above Dow Ridge, and the hounds hit on a place where the big cat had bedded down. That was the end of the cougar around Dow Ridge, at least for the time being. (Or, maybe not. Just because we don't see the animal doesn't mean it's not around.)
      When the body of the little pig was discovered Sgt. Jackson was notified. He asked the family to leave the dead pig out to see if the attacker would come back. It didn't. Tina also mentioned that one of her big dogs was very frightened by whatever took place and was found hiding under the front porch.
      Sgt. Jackson went to the area and ruled out a cougar attack when the "hounds did not pick up any cougar scent." Sgt. Jackson adds, "There are cougars in the areas surrounding Eatonville and people should always watch their children and pets, even if there was not a cougar in the area.
    Tina Schmidt called all of their neighbors just to alert them that something killed their little pig.
Since dogs didn't pick up a cougar scent other theories about the pig's death were mulled over - Could it be a dog pack? No, dogs don't kill like that. Could it be a bobcat? One large bobcat was reportedly seen on Scott-Turner Road recently. A large bobcat may weigh 45 pounds and that could be stretching it. A regular sized pot-bellied pig weighs in the neighborhood of a 125 pounds, and that's conservative.

     The question seems to be: Are we talking about two or more cougars being seen around the area? Or, is it just the one cat traveling its territory. Regardless of the answer, we know there is a big cat who has been seen around homes and "human" places like Trek. This cat (or cats), has apparently lost much of its fear of humans. Be very careful and protect your "prey" animals. Dogs, cats and small children left outside, alone and unprotected, can be labeled "prey."



  Message from Clean Air Agency:

All Land-Clearing Burning Ban Begins Tuesday, July 1

       June 21, 2008

      Agency bans all land-clearing burning in King, Pierce, Snohomish counties effective July 1, will reconsider residential outdoor burn bans in the fall.

A permanent ban on land-clearing burning in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties was adopted yesterday by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's Board of Directors. The ban is effective July 1, 2008.  The Board deferred a decision to prohibit residential yard waste burning in non-urban areas of these same counties until October of this year, pending further analysis of available alternatives. 
     Land clearing burning applies to fires to clear land for development, such as building a new structure or subdivision. Residential yard waste burning means outdoor burning by a property owner of leaves, clippings and yard debris from his or her own property.
     Prior to this action, land clearing and residential yard waste fires were prohibited only in the urban areas of King, Kitsap, Pierce and Snohomish Counties. In December 2007, the Clean Air Agency proposed the three-county ban on both land clearing and residential yard waste burning. The proposed effective date for banning land clearing burning was July 1, 2008 and July 1, 2010 for yard waste burning. Kitsap County was not included in the proposal because reasonable alternatives are not yet available.  
     The Board's decision was preceded by a public hearing, during which several people testified in favor of a total burn ban, but many owners of large properties pointed out that alternatives to burning such as curbside pick-up, chipping on-site or hauling yard debris to drop-off sites were not reasonably and economically viable.  Agency staff heard this same message at a series of rural area workshops in January.   
     "We learned a lot from these large property owners," the agency's Compliance Director, Jim Nolan, told the Board.  "They told us our alternatives to burning don't address their needs.  We have more work to do."
     Although the agency's Board of Directors deferred action on residential yard waste burning, they clearly stated their unanimous intent that residential yard waste burning should ultimately be banned in denser sections of rural areas. 
     They directed staff to come back to the October Board meeting with revised recommendations regarding restrictions on land clearing burning in Kitsap County and residential yard debris burning in all four counties which could be implemented no later than July 1, 2010.  They also directed agency staff to work with county solid waste and fire officials on expanded burn ban boundary lines, development of additional alternatives to burning and enforcement mechanisms for rural areas of the agency's jurisdiction.
     "This is about balancing property rights and public health," said Board Chair Paul Roberts.  "This is about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness -- and life comes first.  It's time to move forward on this issue."
      By taking this action, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency's Board of Directors closed the public comment period on its current proposal.  Public comment will be sought if another rule is proposed.


Find the Human Blossom

(photo by Leif Thorvaldson)

     Can you find the newest blossom in the Pacific Northwest, the rare and much sought after Margitae Educatorium? Peeking out from her lush and spectacular rhodies is Margit Thorvaldson who taught at Eatonville for decades. Margit has been retired for quite awhile and encourages her plants to bloom just as she did her students.

Happy Father's Day!
"The Older I get, the Smarter My Father Seems to Get"
~ Tim Russert: May 7, 1950 - June 13, 2008

    The idea of Father's Day came from Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane, Washington. The first Father's Day was held June 19, 1910. It was on the birthday of Sonora's dad, William Smart, a Civil War Veteran whose wife died in childbirth and he raised six children by himself.
    Father's Day didn't become national until 1972 during the Nixon administration.

Interesting Facts About Dads...

     There are More Collect Phone Calls Made on Father's Day Than Any Other Day of the Year...

        Neckties still lead the list of Fatherís Day gifts Make a Virtual Father's Day Tie at BillyBear4Kids.com

        There were 64.3 million dads in 2006

        In 2006 there were 159,000 stay-at-home dads in America caring for 283,000 children.   

        One in twelve men serving in the army are dads.       

        According to Hallmark a "Babylonian youth named Elmesu carved the first known Father's Day card in clay nearly
        4,000 years ago. His special message wished his father good health and a long life."

        Thirty eight percent of working dads would take a cut in pay in order to spend more time with their kids.

        The word "dad" dates back to the sixteenth century or earlier, the word may have origins in the Welsh "tad"
        meaning father. Father is derived from Old English "Foeder."

        In the animal kingdom the ocean catfish, midwife toad, seahorse, emperor penguin and South American marmoset
        are among father's who take extraordinary care of their young. Most bird species help females raise hatchlings.

A Poem by Anne Shore         

The Nature Poem

The signs of spring are here.
Flowers blooming,
bees buzzing,
children playing, people singing.
The sky is blue
a cloudless sky.
A beauty of something most fantastic.
Nothing could be more beautiful
than a spring day.

By Anne Faye Shore, April 22, 2008, Age Nine.

A Poem by Anne Shore

Dew Drops

As I look at Spring,
I see leaves in the morning
I see dew drops.
A drop of water
that glistens in the sun.
Nothing more than a drop of water,
how could it be so beautiful?

by Anne Faye Shore, April 22, 2008, Age Nine.

Memorial Day Services

      Memorial Day services to honor veterans will start at 11 a.m. Monday, May 26 in the Eatonville Cemetery. Services are organized by American Legion Post 148. Refreshments will be served at Glacier View Park by Lady Lions following the services.
      Post Commander Jody Johnson reports he has spoken with Kevin McCarty of KIRO 7 and hopes the reporter will be able to "attend the ceremony for additional coverage and publicity to have the murder of our Comrade Roy Park put back on the front burner." Roy Park was a member of the American Legion and was a member of the Honor Guard for many years.
      Roy Park, affectionately called the "Honey Man" by locals was found savagely murdered May 16, 2007. His violent, cold-blooded murder remains unsolved. For more about Roy Park please see
Honey Man .




A Gentle Beekeeper

Murdered in Pierce County

O/A 16 May 2007

**** Unsolved ****

Remembered and Loved by your Comrades

of Eatonville American Legion Post 148


EHS Girl's Tennis League Results...

                                                                                                                                                (photo by MaryAnn Baker)

      May 7, 2998 - from Mary Ann Baker - Assistant Coach: Above is Kaylee Richards who placed 2nd in the singles tournament. She will be seeded into the West Central District 2A Tournament to compete for a berth to State.
     EHS girls who started on Monday: Kaylee Richards; Sheridan Lachney; Jeri Burgess - All singles; Danielle Farwell/Leia Envolsen; Michayla Reichel/Kenora Logston; Haley Hendrickson/ Julie McCloch - All doubles.

                                                                                                                                                      (photo by MaryAnne Baker)

    These are pictures of the girls that played on the 2nd day of the Nisqually League 2A Tournament. Above are Leia Envolsen and Dani Farwell who placed 6th in doubles. The girls will be alternates to the West Central District 2A Tournament.
Participating schools were, Eatonville, Fife, Foster, Steilacoom and Washington.

Tony Asks, "Spring Finally?"

     April 27, 2008 - Photos and Graphics by Tony Sirgedas: Tony says, "A few of the blossoms from out in the yard this afternoon." Honey bees must love that yard. Left to right - apples, plums., salmon berry, cherry and pears.

Daffodil Parade 2008
Photos by Carol Slevett and Lucy Shilter-McKee...

(photo by Carol Slevett)

     The theme of Eatonville's float this was year was "Alfred in Wonderland paying homage to the popular King Alfred Daffodil. Do to circumstances ENN couldn't attend the parade this year. Thanks to Carol Slevett and Lucy Shilter-McKee for getting photos to share. To see more photos please go to Daffodil Parade 2008

 Fred Oldfield 90th Birthday Photos and Story...

     Western Artist Fred Oldfield  blows out the candles during the huge celebration of his life and talent in late March. Again, due to circumstances ENN was unable to attend this celebration. Thanks very much to Joella Oldfield, Fred's daughter, for sharing some of the gala. For more photos and story please see Fred 90th Birthday

     The Washington State Senate honored Fred Oldfield February 22 in Olympia. For Video of Fred Oldfield Day please see TVW - Washington State Public Affairs Network: MEDIA:Oldfield Day

Help Stop Child Abuse...

     April 7, 2008: American Humane is the only organization in the United States that focuses on child and animal abuse. The group reminds us the month of April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. According to the latest Child Maltreatment Report issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, of the 899,000 children abused or neglected in federal fiscal year 2005, 16.6 percent, or more than 149,000 children, endured physical abuse.
    Over 83,000 were victims of sexual abuse.
    Nearly 64,000 children suffered emotional abuse.

     As sobering as these numbers are, they are based only on cases that were investigated. What about all the children who are suffering in silence every day?

Help Stop the Cycle of Abuse
Here Are Some of Ways You Can Make a Difference for Abused Children:

   Report, report, report. If you witness or suspect child abuse, take action by informing local authorities.
   Wear a blue ribbon in April to show your support. The blue ribbon has symbolized the fight to stop child abuse since 1989, when a grandmother in Virginia began using it to commemorate her abused grandsonís tragic death. 
    Donate to American Humane. Our long history of protecting children began in 1877, and we remain one of the leaders in the field of child welfare. Our work to prevent child abuse includes teaching child welfare professionals best practices for handling abuse cases and advocating at both federal and state levels for legislation that protects children.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Christmas?
Wacky Washington Weather in April...

                                                                                                                                                      (photo by Bob Walter)

     April 20, 2008: Those who love snow and wished for a white Christmas didn't get their wish until mid-April this  year. It's been snowing for several days off and on. Every morning Eatonville has awakened to the white stuff covering trees, yards and vehicles. Then it melts as the sun comes out.
     Snow lovers want to watch it snow? Please see video taken Friday
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Powdered Sugar Hills...

                                                                                                                                                                         (photo by Tony Sirgedas)

     April 20, 2008: From Tony Sirgedas who is incapable of taking a poor photograph. Tony says, "How about  a nice powdered sugar coating on the Nisqually River and surrounding hills from Friday?"

Mayor Tom Smallwood Explains It All To Us...

                                                                  (photo by Dixie A. Walter)

     During the Public Safety Committee meeting Wednesday, April 2 Mayor Smallwood explained the latest  emergency medical services (EMS) program for the town. ENN video taped as he expounded on this essential issue. To watch the video please click on the link below.
You can hear the full audio and/or audio clips of the meeting on Steve Lind's Site April 2 Safety Meeting

Hear and Watch Video: Mayor Smallwood's Explanation

Daffodil Classic Bikers...

                                                                                                                                                                        (photo by Bob Walter)

     April 14, 2008: Did you wonder why there were so many bike riders in town yesterday? They were riders in the 2008 Daffodil Classic and were pedaling through Eatonville for much of the day Sunday, April 13. This check point and rest stop was set up on the grass behind the Eatonville Library.
      Depending on their level of endurance, the neon-spandex-clad participants could select one of two major routes out of the Puyallup Valley - a 40-mile loop heading east to Buckley, or the 61-mile loop heading south through Orting and on into Eatonville. The most serious-minded bicyclists took on the challenge of doing both routes, for a 100-mile trip, all in one day!

"Decorative" Garbage Cans Coming Soon...

                                                                           (photo by Dixie A. Walter)

      April 10, 2008 - by Dixie A. Walter: Town Administrator Gary Armstrong describes these garbage cans as "decorative." They will be placed in at least 22 locations around town soon. The new "decorative" containers accommodate LeMay Incorporated's new automatic garbage collection system.
     The big trash can will be charcoal colored and are supposed to have Town of Eatonville and LeMay, Inc. emblazoned on them. The containers cost $325 plus freight and sales tax. Originally the cost was stated to be $375 plus freight and sales tax. During the last town council meeting Town Administrator Gary Armstrong corrected his mistake with the price.
      LeMay will purchase ten containers for the town and will provide free pickup for those containers. Taxpayers will purchase 15 with a cost not to exceed $7,500. According to Mayor Tom Smallwood three of the 15 will be kept as backups. The council passed the resolution to buy the containers during the March 24 council meeting.

Meet Stuart Neiman
Political Cartoonist...

                                                                                               (courtesy photo from Stuart Neiman)

      April 4, 2008 - by Dixie A. Walter: Political cartoonist Stuart Neiman heard about the nasty rant Councilmember Bruce Rath unleashed on Citizen Journalist Steve Lind and became inspired to create a cartoon depicting the shocking episode. Neiman sent the unsolicited cartoon to Lind who immediately published it on his site. (See his cartoon Eatonville Slamdown)
      Neiman is no stranger to political maneuvering having struggled with Bates Technical College in a years long lawsuit which was eventually settled. He had received death threats and had to fight the school about those threats. He still has emails and audio tapes to prove his case. When the artist continued to challenge the school regarding policies about the issue he says, "I was relieved of my job."
      Instead of a wrongful termination suit Neiman chose a different path and started requesting files under the Public Disclosure Act. "I made multiple requests for documents with very little response or denial of having these documents," he points out. Adding his requests for public records would "eventually be over 40." This dispute began in 2000 and ended last year. Neiman received over 35,000 documents when all was said and done. He estimates there would have been a "minimum of one million files" if he counted what was "missing."
      During the long conflict, in 2003, Neiman, who has a
 "Bachelor of  Fine Art in Painting from the UW and Master's in Science with an emphasis in Web Design from City University," began drawing political cartoons at the urging of friends. Neiman's cartoons appear in the Tacoma Weekly and have been published in the New Takhoman; Orting Gazette; Tacoma News Tribune; Tahoma Activist; Tahoma Organizer and the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association. (The Orting Gazette recently closed.)
      Neiman is an Army veteran who was last stationed at Ft. Lewis. He lives in Tacoma's Hilltop area and has three bedrooms converted into design studios.

       To visit Neiman's Web site please see  Tacoma Trash Can (Stuart Neiman's Political Cartoons)
       To enjoy more of his political cartoons please see Cartoon History

Fund Opened at Venture Bank For Deneen Doucette...

       Deneen Doucette before her illness. Photo Courtesy of her Aunt Judy Justice, owner of Tan & Tips in Eatonville. Deneen is recuperating from a stroke at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup. She is now able to have visitors.

       March 27, 08

      A fund has been opened at Venture Bank for Deneen (Hoffman) Doucette to help defray some medical costs not covered by insurance. After suffering a stroke March 8, she was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle via helicopter where she was in intensive care for a week. While at Harborview, Deneen turned 44. Deneen was moved to Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, about March 14, where she is undergoing intensive physical therapy.
      Wife to Chris, and mother of two beautiful, young daughters, Madison, 10, and Mallory, 7, Deneen  is making very good progress, but has several weeks, and hours of, daily therapy ahead of her.
An energetic woman, she has been involved with various community events and has been very active in Eatonville's Relay For Life many years as a member of the Red Hat Pink Flamingoes team, and has already been working on fundraising this year. She has worked for Associated Petroleum, as office manager, for many, many years.
Deneen is working extra hard to get back to her active life which includes supporting her kids in their sports programs.
     She will be at Good Samaritan for several weeks and can now have visitors. Deneen's mom, Elaine Gilbertson, has worked at Plaza Market, "Since she was born," quipped her sister, Judy Justice. Elaine, married to Ron Gilbertson, has actually worked at Plaza for over 30 years.

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