Local Man Murdered
 Near Eatonville...

                                                              (photo by Bob Walter)

     A gutted travel trailer sits just beyond the charred remains of the Terry Rohr home at 35117 106th Avenue Court East, near Clear Lake.  Apparently the fire was purposely lit by Rohr's girlfriend's estranged, jealous husband, who then allegedly shot and killed Rohr as he came out of the home. It's believed the suspect, Robert James Lemieux, started the fire to flush his wife, Karen, and Rohr from the house.

Angels, a Butterfly and Flowers Mark the
 Spot Where Terry Rohr Lost his life...

                                                                                      (photo by Bob Walter)

     Angels, a flower and a butterfly mark the site in front of his home where Terry Rohr fell, after being hit multiple times with bullets from a rifle allegedly fired by Rohr's girlfriend's estranged husband, Robert James Lemieux. Looking closely you can see the outline of a copper wire angel above the ceramic angel figurine.

     by Bob Walter
     July 27, 2004

     EXCLUSIVE: It was about 8 o'clock Sunday evening, July 25, when I drove up to the burned out home of the late Terry Eugene Rohr. His daughter, Heather, was carefully sifting and sorting through the wreckage, looking for any items that may have survived the intense heat of the arson fire, while her mother, Terry's ex-wife, Nancy, did the same. A few minutes later, Heather's sister Brooke drove up. Friends were coming by and visiting, helping out, paying their respects. Soon a neighbor, Barbara Henning, walked up the gravel road and joined the group.
    I asked Nancy, Heather and Brooke if they minded telling me the story of what had happened just five days earlier. Though they were weary, and still trying to make sense of it all, they graciously agreed and we sat down to talk. Brooke handed me a beer. "I took care of Dixie's mother, Ruby, before she died," she said, referring to my late mother-in-law, who passed away in 1998.
    This was home for the large Rohr family - "The Farm," they called it. Terry's parents, Jackie and the late Chuck Rohr, had purchased the land many years ago. Terry had lived at this house for about 20 years. All the neighbors knew him, knew how he would often sit out by the campfire under the trees in the front yard and wave as they drove past. He also loved watching the wildlife pass through.
    In recent months the home took on a new look, as his girlfriend, Karen, added her touch to the place, planting flowers here and there. She also brought her two dogs. Karen had filed for divorce from her husband, Robert James Lemieux.
    A little after 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, Lemieux, clad in mesh camouflage and armed with a rifle, allegedly snuck up to the house, poured gasoline along the front of it, and lit it. The fire spread quickly, and the front entrance was impassable due to the flames. Terry and Karen both jumped out through a window. No sooner had Terry reached the front yard, when the suspect, Lemieux, fired several shots, hitting him multiple times. Terry had several large propane bottles around, and some of them began to explode. (The explosions had fueled rumors there was a meth lab at the house, but all three women were adamant to point out that was not the case.) In the confusion, Karen tried but failed to get her two dogs out of the house, and they perished inside. 
    The neighbors, Barbara and Jerry Henning, were awakened by the commotion. Jerry, a veteran of the Vietnam War, immediately headed for the Rohr home, while Barbara called 911. He was on his way when he met Karen driving up to get help. He told her to jump in his truck and drove down to the Rohr home. 
    Jerry found Terry lying dead in front of the house. Knowing there was nothing he could do, and not wanting to interfere with the ensuing forensic investigation, he backed off, told Karen to stay in the truck, and waited for authorities. After about 10-15 minutes, he drove Karen back up to his house to make sure Barbara was able to get through with the 911 call, then he and Karen went back down and waited some more.
     It was nearly a half hour after Barbara's 911 call when the fire department and sheriff's deputies arrived. By the time they did, there were 20 to 30 people standing on the county road near the house at 35117 
106th Court East.
     The deputies were fired upon by the suspect from the woods across the street where he had fled in an escape attempt, so additional law enforcement officers, including two SWAT team members and a K-9 team, were called in. The fire fighters had to refrain from battling the blaze until the gunman could be apprehended. After a several-hour standoff, the officers were finally able to apprehend Lemieux after firing a concussion grenade as a noise distraction.
   ** During the standoff, Lemieux also shot and wounded the police dog, who eventually died from his wounds. Because of this, he has been charged with two counts of first degree murder, along with arson, and eluding arrest. He is being held in the Pierce County Jail on $1.5 million bail.
    Sitting at the picnic table in the waning light, Heather lifted the remains of a ceramic bowl, a planter, saying, "I made this for Dad when I was in school. Just found it a little while ago." Though it was broken now, he had kept and cherished it over the years. Terry was a loving father, who left four children, Brooke, Heather, Caleb and Josh. He is also survived by his mother, Jackie, several siblings, nieces and nephews, and two grandchildren, Zachary and Kirstin.
    The Rohr family, especially the two girls, Brooke and Heather, would like to thank Jerry Henning for being their neighbor. They would also like to thank all the people who’ve stopped by to pay their respects.

    ** Correction: ENN was given erroneous information. After double checking with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department's spokesman Ed Troyer ENN learned that the police dog was not even hit by the shooter. This s very good news.

A Killer Shoots from Across the Street...

                                                                                                                                             (photo by Bob Walter)

     The arsonist who lit the fire that destroyed the home of Terry Rohr allegedly shot him from this vantage point across the street. Firefighters had to let the home burn, since the shooter was still at large, and still firing, after they arrived. Three dogs also died at or near the scene - two in the home, and one a police dog shot as he pursued the suspect.

Exploded Propane Tank...


                                                                                                  (photo by Bob Walter)

     This propane tank was heated by flames from a fire deliberately set outside the Rohr home in the pre-dawn hours Wednesday morning. The tank exploded, sending it across the lawn, and scorching the grass where it landed. The tank was about 60 feet from the back corner of the house. 

A Family Remembers Their Loved One...

                                                                                                     (photo by Bob Walter)

     A poignant memorial to the late Terry Rohr was erected by grieving family members around the firepit in front of the Rohr home. The shooting victim enjoyed sitting by the campfire and watching wildlife.

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