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Unveiling the Beautiful Sign at Smallwood Park - Kid's Pond
Photos by Bob Walter Unless Otherwise Credited

See Video of Unveiling Smallwood Park Sign

                                                                                                                                                    (photo by Cindy Simianer)

     John Carney kneeling and Bob Schaub work building the attractive, sturdy base for the sign introducing Smallwood Park. Bob was the driving force behind this important and complex project. A previous project, beautifying Mill Pond Park, was part of a Youth Connection activity. Some donated funds weren't used for that park and those funds paid for the eye catching new Smallwood Park sign.
    The sign was made by Bob and Debbie Knowles of Valley Sign in Orting made the outstanding sign which lauds the accomplishments of the late George Smallwood who served many years on the town council and as mayor.
    As Game Warden Smallwood's penchant for catching poachers was legendary across the state. He took special pride in the Kid's Pond which he helped developed for the children of the area.
    During the brief, but moving, unveiling ceremony Schaub acknowledged the volunteers who donated their time and efforts to make this welcome addition to the community. The helpers mentioned were: John Carney; Tony Venagas; Cindy Simianer; Rich Bertoia; Mary Splan; Ken Throop; Arrow Lumber; and Nybo for donating concrete.
    Area rocks were collected, even some from Schaub's yard, to make the base for the sign. Nothing artificial was used.

Pledging Allegiance

     Jody Johnson, with Eatonville's American Legion Post 148, led those attending in the Pledge of Allegiance before the unveiling. George Smallwood was a Veteran of World War II and gravely injured during the war. To his right is the current mayor, Tom Smallwood and his sister Bonnie who removed the covering to display the sign you see below.

Honoring Smallwood and Wildlife

     When the sign was unveiled those attending were struck by the beauty of it. Now visitors to the park and passersby can enjoy this amazing sign. The bronze plaque in the base gives a summerizes, in brief, the services of George Smallwood.

Honoring Their Dad

Bonnie read the memorial sign as her brother and the audience listened.

 Shared Memories From a Fellow Warden

     Officer Bruce Richards, Fish and Wildlife agent, told the group how much learned from George Smallwood and reminded everyone how tough Smallwood was on people who broke the law.

The Memorial Plaque

     George Smallwood gave his all when he committed. He died of a heart attack at his longtime home in Eatonville. He was a few months short of 60 years old.

Paying Tribute

People gathered to pay tribute to a man who served his country and community in so many ways.

The Other Mayor Smallwood

Mayor Tom Smallwood and wife Karen stand before the sign honoring his father.


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